Got the election blues?

I got your cure, right here:

Meet Oreo, the newest member of our household. For those of you who know that we already own a dog and seven fish, I can hear you say: Are they crazy?

The short answer is probably yes. But today is Miss B’s golden birthday (six on the sixth) and what she wanted most was a kitten.

Here she’s tracking the cat teaser, or as Kyra calls it, the “pet joker.”

But even kittens need to sleep. I know it looks like she’s about to slip off, but not to worry. I just checked on them. She was sitting on Andrew’s rear end for a while, then moved to snuggle between them.


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7 responses to “Got the election blues?

  1. Boy, she’s a cutie, alright! And yes, I sure do have those blues. This brightened my day!

  2. Awww…. Almost makes me want one.


  3. What a cutie! I’m a kitty mama. My baby is sitting right by my head on the couch 😉 He’s already 2.

  4. Abby

    Happy Birthday to Miss B! A special CA present is coming in the mail soon. Oreo is cute! She reminds me of Katja. They have similar markings.

  5. Aw…how can anyone not love that face??

  6. What an irresistible cutie! Almost makes me consider getting one myself…

  7. That sure is a cute kitten. I wish we could have one, but our youngest is allergic.

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