Not really the weather, since it’s a balmy 31 degrees according to my weather widget–and sunny. But me, and Miss B. We. Have. Colds. Or coughs. (Or cough-es, as she used to say, because that’s more than one cough.)

I’m wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt, plus I have my old school, velour-lined hoodie on the back of my writing chair–just in case.

However, the house is filled with restorative things:

  • The Republic of Tea’s Kiwi Pear Green Tea–with honey.
  • Pecan pie (recipe here–so good).
  • Pumpkin pie (you wouldn’t want to neglect a pie–it might hurt its feelings)
  • Being on page 321 of 343 of the edit for The Fine Art of Holding Your Breath
  • Having a good excuse to hibernate and finish it.


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2 responses to “Cold

  1. Those are lovely restorative things, and I hope you are by now feeling much restored.

  2. Feel better and yay on your final edit!

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