My (zero) hero

Last weekend, Andrew went with his Boy Scout troop (or at least some of them) on a winter survival camp out. Yes, that’s right. It’s winter. And after building shelters, they slept outside.

Not only that, but it dipped below zero. This is not cause for alarm, but celebration, because now he has his Zero Hero badge.

That’s right. Here in Minnesota, we reward people for sleeping outside in sub-zero temperatures. Not only that, we call it fun.

This, however, is the aftermath:


After the camp out.

It should be noted that the cat did not actually exert herself. She took a nap anyway.


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3 responses to “My (zero) hero

  1. Amy

    I don’t know if I’d let my scout do survival training in zero degrees. I’m scared enough when he does it during summer camp–though it’s rained the last two years on his wilderness survival night.

    Cats need only to exist in order to earn a nap.

  2. Amy

    Oh, and WTG, kiddo!

  3. Carlos went on a winter Boy Scout camping trip too. When I asked him how it was, he had two words: “Fun. Cold!” But not as cold as Minnesota, I bet…

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