The last day of the year

A miscellaneous catch-all post for the last day of the year.

Because–apparently–we don’t own any tables:


The artist at work

Andrew before the big JV invitational swim meet:

Maybe I can just tell them I ate some bad fish.

He was a little nervous.

Our discussion about me slipping on the ice:

Me: I thought I broke my arm for a moment.
Andrew: Did you cry?
Me: No.
Andrew: Then you didn’t break anything.

Conclusion? Tears: Better than an x-ray. Still, the score stands, ice = 1, my elbow = 0.

And Darcy has a post up a JaNo. Go read all about what a girl wants.


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3 responses to “The last day of the year

  1. Amy

    Even if you had tables, the kid wouldn’t use them. Trust me on this.

    Happy New Year!

  2. All furniture is for climbing… period.

    Happy last day of 2008! It was a good year for you.


    Here’s to an even better one!

  3. Happy New Year. And I think Andrew has a future in the medical field.

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