Playlist at JaNo

I’m posting over at the JaNo blog today, a recap of how I came up with (sort of) Dating on the Dork Side and the all important playlist that goes along with writing a new work in progress. Because, seriously, how do you write a new book if you haven’t made the playlist for it.


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4 responses to “Playlist at JaNo

  1. You’re so funny. I can’t write with music. It doesn’t mean I don’t have songs on the brain when I write, but I really need silence.

    Or is this kind of like Marianne’s collages? Just something you need to put together first?

  2. I’m like Jen … can’t write with noise.

  3. Amy

    I can be inspired by music, and I do book playlists that way, but while I’m actually writing, I have to have silence.

    I’m such a fogey.

  4. darcy

    Silence? You mean some people actually have silence when they write? On purpose even? Wow.

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