Oh. Dark. Thirty.

So the alarm went off a little earlier than it has for the past two weeks. The dog didn’t budge. She barely raised her head. But I felt the psychic waves rolling off of her:

You’ve got to be freaking kidding me.

I was up in time to see Oreo do her stretch-walk out of Miss B’s room. And we did our morning routine, albeit much earlier than the past few weeks:

  • Dog, out
  • Pets, fed
  • Coffee, brewed
  • Exercise, commenced
  • Computer chair, stolen by cat

Oh Dark Thirty isn’t all bad. I listened to Michael Hauge’s talk on character arcs during the commute today, then grabbed his Six Stage Plot Structure.

I may not have quite as many words as some of the others on JaNo (5,131 at last count), but I’m feeling strangely fine.


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6 responses to “Oh. Dark. Thirty.

  1. I was fighting that some thing this morning – well, all except for the cat. Even worse is knowing that this is the beginning of the first 5-day work week I’ve had in more than a month. Uggg.

    Good luck with JaNo.

  2. Amy

    This was the first time in 24 days the kids had to be up at a regular hour. Luckily they were EXCITED to go back to school, so I was the only one stumbling around this morning.

    You’re ahead of me on JaNo….I’m at -436 words (yeah, that’s NEGATIVE) since I smooshed two scenes into one and lost a bunch of words.


  3. You’re beating me at JaNo, too. You should be feeling awesome, lol.

    And, I was THRILLED for today to come.

  4. oh

    Good for you. (your blog entry title stopped me here this morning.) Jano! Excellent. Cat in the computer chair has me laughing, though! As I sit writing, I have a beagle under the Xmas tree. (Yeah, I know, time to take it down.)

  5. Charity, I’m glad you were okay with O. Dark. Thirty and your wc. WCs are overrated anyway. 😉

  6. darcy

    5131! Yay!

    I HATE dark thirty. And tomorrow I have two of them. The first, when the alarm clock rings. The second, when I finish the talk I’m giving to a sorority after work. I neeeeeed sunlight.

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