The tale of the three faux fur blankets

Since they’ve been putting in yeoman’s work lately (well, inasmuch as blankets actually perform labor), I thought I’d highlight the unsung heroes of our house: the three faux fur blankets.


This was the first faux fur blanket we bought. Actually, Bob bought it a few years back at a Target after-Christmas sale, when they were trying to dump all the winter stuff. It’s faux fur on one side and faux suede on the other and it’s nothing but fauxy goodness.  The only downside is it’s more of a throw than a full blanket. It currently resides on Andrew’s bed.

Bob searched all over for another blanket like this one (and he often mentions how he wishes he’d bought all the ones on clearance). We thought: wouldn’t it be great to get a faux fur blanket, only in bedspread size for the winter. We tried and ended up with our second faux fur blanket:


In theory, good. However, the great synthetic beast from which this fur came obviously saw her stylist one too many times. She’s a tad over-processed with far too many highlights. The underside wasn’t so much faux suede as generic material. And on the bed? Well, let’s just say this blanket now resides in Kyra’s room.

However, as you can see, it is cat-approved.

About two years ago, I bought this blanket as a Christmas gift:


This is the diva star of our faux fur blankets (and she knows it). One side is that really soft almost-feels-real faux fur and the other side is … down. Is it warm? It. Is. Warm. It currently resides on my side of the bed. All. Winter. Long. because I am Always. Cold. Downside? It’s also throw-size, but we deal.


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4 responses to “The tale of the three faux fur blankets

  1. Amy

    We have a nice heavy blanket that only resides on my side of the bed, too. Unfortunately, it’s a king-sized blanket and so I basically sleep under the regular blankets and TWO of these heavy blankets since it’s doubled.

    I stay toasty warm.

    And I bet you do, too.

    That third blanket is gorgeous.

  2. Love the third blanket. I’m glad you’re warm – how is Bob doing, though?

  3. oh

    Lovely, the third one. Glad you copped it for your side of the bed.

    We’ve just spend a few days at a hotel with one of those glorious luxe down comforters (not too heavy, not too light) and I’m sold. Will be looking for fair trade (faux?) feathers.

  4. Abby

    I can attest that the second faux fur cat approved blanket is a nice foot warmer for wimpy CA citizens during cold MN nights.

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