Recovery train: not at the station

Well, I thought yesterday evening the recovery train had pulled all the way into the station. Bob made crock pot rouladen. It was really good. And I was really hungry. At last.

Then, my fever returned last night. Not bad, but I’m officially sick of drinking Gatorade and tea, and I’m officially sick of being sick. While I did read most of the weekend (man, I haven’t done that forever), I’d like to do something else now. So, white blood cells: get back to work.

And memo to the coworker who took the entire box of tissues from the women’s restroom: Dude. Couldn’t you haven’t taken a few back to your desk like the rest of us were doing? And speaking of the rest of us. We’re forming a posse. If we find you and the hoarded tissue box, you’re in trouble.

Just sayin’.


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4 responses to “Recovery train: not at the station

  1. Jenn

    Yuck, I hope you’re feeling better soon! Everyone around here is sick too and it’s beginning to get on my nerves. 🙂 And what’s up with the tissue thief? How rude!

  2. Wait… wait…

    Why are you at work when you’re sick and running a fever? Why are you SPREADING your germs? For the love of all that’s holy: STAY HOME.

    Just saying.

  3. Amy

    Ah, yes, the little “trick” whatever this crud is plays on you. I had that, too. For just a few hours, you think, It’s over, I’m better.

    And then it nails you to the wall.

    Feel better soon.


  4. Um, sounds like you and I have been in the same wayward land… Hope you’re feeling better. I’m starting to.

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