Remember when I wrote that really long sentence?

Remember when I wrote that 106-word sentence? I wrote another one! Even longer! This week, as part of the class I’m taking (called masterful sentences, oddly enough) we mimicked Hemingway and his +400 word sentence, which you can see here. (Scroll down to #3. I’m not going to post it here-dude, that’s longer than most of my blog entries.).

So part of the assignment was to write a 400 – 500 word sentence-and have it make sense. I did the first part at least. I wrote a 490-word monstrosity.

In the process, I think I broke Microsoft Word.


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3 responses to “Remember when I wrote that really long sentence?

  1. I can’t get past anyone wanting to emulate Hemingway. He is only my top five list of hated authors…

    Also wondering why you’re encouraged to write a sentence that long? Just to see if you can?

    Why WON’T you post it? Come on…

    • Charity


      Yeah. I know your feelings about Papa Hemingway. 😉

      Actually, the short answer re: the class is we’re looking at building sentences and improving writing by using phrases and clauses as modifiers versus stacking a bunch of adverbs or adjectives in front of verbs/nouns.

      It’s a way to add variety and texture to writing, to take it up to the next level, so to speak (and so I hope, LOL).

  2. Amy


    Just sayin’.

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