A dress a day makes the geek girl stay

I’ve never been someone with a knack for sewing/knitting/crocheting. How I got a decent grade in Home Ec. (as we called it back in the day) is one of those mysteries best left unexplored. Although my sister reported that when she took the class four years later, the teacher still remembered me. Fondly.

Uh. Whatev.

That being said, I love dresses. I’m not really a girly girl either (she says, clad in camouflage Chuck Taylors) but I could spend hours searching for the perfect prom/home coming dress online. Because, you know, that’s practical.

And I love it when bloggers post their sewing/craft projects. One of my favorite dress sites is:

A Dress a Day

And, if I’m remembering correctly, Darcy has a special fondness for Tetris. (Am I remembering correctly? You do ❤ Tetris, right?) So, this is for her, courtesy of A Dress a Day:


When geekdom and fashion collide: a thing of beauty


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5 responses to “A dress a day makes the geek girl stay

  1. One of my favorite sites…. and definitely one of my favorite dresses. A fabric that might tempt even me to sew.

  2. Home Ec. (as we called it back in the day)

    What do they call it now?

    • Charity

      Well, in Andrew’s Jr. High, it’s Family and Consumer Science class, which is actually more reflective of what they do in the class than Home Ec.

  3. Wow… who knew. It’s a very cool dress.

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