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Once again, Polyvore makes my day

Ever have one of those days when the best thing about the day is that it’s Friday and the end of the work week?

Yeah, that’s been me, pretty much since Wednesday (except then, it wasn’t Friday, which made it all that much worse). Then, through the magic that is our 21st century technology, I was alerted to this:

It’s a Polyvore devoted to Bethany from The Geek Girl’s Guide to Cheerleading. And yeah, my mind boggled a little when I saw it. A thing of beauty and all that.

The little details are amazing and made me smile–like the Lara Croft image, and the T-wolves, and a fantastic cheer uniform, and, and, and … I could go on. Oh, the embedded music (told you I could go on). You’ll have to click through for that.

This is just the cutest thing EVER. I’m all set for the weekend now.

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In which I once again reveal my mash-up addiction

I wonder if you have to be a certain age to enjoy this. I thought Andrew (aka classic rock kid) might. He does like Metallica and has Enter Sandman on his iPod. His response when this was done:

“It’s weird.”

I, on the other hand, love it. Love. It.

Not only does the band in question, Rock Sugar, have this mash up, it’s apparently what they do. All mash-ups, all the time. Dude. Even better, they’ve taken Madonna’s Like a Prayer and combined it with AC/DC’s Shook Me All Night Long. Definitive proof Like a Prayer should’ve been a heavy metal song all along.

I tell you, these guys are genius.

So, if you’re of a certain age, enjoy:

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With open arms

Just in case you forgot tomorrow is Valentine’s Day:

Oh, sure. I can see it now:

Hey, honey, I ditched the Godiva chocolates this year and got you disembodied arms that talk.

Because nothing says “I love you” like disembodied arms that talk. Is it just me, or is that ten different kinds of creepy?

Seriously, I picture these arms springing to life in the middle of the night while their unsuspecting recipient sleeps in his/her bed. Then, the slow-mo crawl across the floor with its fat Mickey Mouse fingers, up and onto the bed, the recorded message playing on a continuous loop until its meaning becomes tragically ironic.

Yeah. Nothing says Valentine’s Day like that.

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Miles to go

I have one thing to say today:

It. Is. Finished!!!!!

Okay, what is actually finished is this round of revisions. Unfortunately, “It is revised!” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

I still have miles to go before I sleep–or rather, before it’s ready to go. But I think/hope I have the main restructuring slog out of the way. This is really a “my reach may exceed my grasp” kind of story. So for now, I’ll let The Fine Art of Holding Your Breath compost.

Even with the all the work ahead of me, I can’t help feeling a little bit like this:

This leaves me free to revisit Dating on the Dork Side, which I’m also very excited about. Although, I accidently opened one of its files yesterday. As I told Darcy: it reads like I downed half a bottle of NyQuil before I sat down to write.

So. Miles to go there as well.

Think I’ll go list to Ode to Joy one more time. 

Because really, when you finish any draft of a manuscript, the skies should open, light should pour down, and all the animals of the forest should burst into song.

And the Berlin Philharmonic should personally come to your house.

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Contest fun

Two contests going on this week, all in an effort to help you survive Valentine’s Day.

First, The Geek Girl’s Guide to Cheerleading is being featured on Free Book Friday. Four copies (signed by both me and Darcy) are up for grabs, along with an interview for your reading enjoyment. (Free Book Friday also has a main/adult site–same deal, simply submit your email address to win. Doesn’t get easier than that.)

Second, we’re hosting fellow 2009 Debs author/Simon Pulse sister Rhonda Stapleton over at the Geek Girl site. Not only do we have a signed copy of Rhonda’s début novel Stupid Cupid, but a totally cute T-shirt from Think Geek. Stop on by to read Rhonda’s interview and check out Stupid Cupid.

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