Unpacking the weekend

Oh, it’s busy here at Chez Tahmaseb.

 Last night, after Kyra’s ballet:

  • Dinner at the Chinese place inside the grocery store (mmm, orange chicken)
  • Target for a birthday present.


  • Birthday party, a three-hour birthday party.
  • Panera, up the road from birthday party (mmm, Panera). Writing will occur.
  • Boy Scout dinner (mmm, unspecified Boy Scout food) after merit badge weekend (Andrew is earning the crime prevention badge, but I keep referring to it as crime scene investigation–Boy Scouts do a lot, but I don’t think they do that much.)
  • Shopping–Kyra and I have made the executive decision that we need new spring styles.


  • Play with my mom
  • New swim lessons for Kyra, at the same time as the play–still working on how to manage that one
  • Banquet for Andrew’s swim team (mmm, pasta, and why we need those new spring styles)


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3 responses to “Unpacking the weekend

  1. darcy

    Note to self: Do not even try to justify unfinished writer tasks with ‘I’m busy’.

    Sheesh, girl, you’ve got a lot going on! When you get a minute to catch your breath, tell Kyra Happy Birthday for me.

    • Charity

      Oh, it wasn’t Kyra’s party, it was a little boy from school. So it wasn’t like I had to organized that or anything. I’m not that busy this weekend.

  2. Abby

    What play did you guys see? And have fun with your ‘new spring styles’. Be sure to post pictures.

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