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It warms a writing mom’s heart

So Andrew is reading the Vladimir Tod by Heather Brewer (he likes vampires of the non-sparkly variety).

He finished Ninth Grade Slays last night and was paging through Tenth Grade Bleeds this morning before he tucked it into his binder. He looked up at me and said:

“These books are written in third person point of view, but it feels like first.”

Ah, the observations that make a writing mother’s heart flutter.

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It’s not easy being green (belts)


Yes, we had our green belt exam yesterday. And since we’re all now wearing green belts, it appears as though we passed. You’ll note Kyra looks less than enthused. The exam was tiring and all she wanted to do was go home. I look a little dazed. Andrew, I think, is contemplating sparring (which he gets to do now that he’s a green belt). 

I’m glad the only item on the agenda today is a play with my mom. And a little writing. And some laundry. Okay, so that’s more than one thing on the agenda. I’m going to quit now, before I add even more items.

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Walk this way (for the animals)

Yes, we’re pulling on our walking shoes and doing the Animal Humane Society Walk for Animals again this year.

 Our goal is to raise $500.oo. We’re a little less than halfway there. Sadly, we are not fundraising machines here at Chez Tahmaseb. But we try.

If you’d like to donate to the Animal Humane Society (tax deductible, too!), just click through on the link below. That will take you to our team page, Team Oreo.

Animal Humane Society

And naturally, I can’t ask you to donate without providing at least one gratuitous cat picture, so here it is, our team’s namesake:

Life among the throw pillows is rough

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On writing and zombies with Carrie Ryan

Look what I found today! A terrific interview with 2009 Deb Carrie Ryan. She talks about writing what you love and, of course, zombies.


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I see myself in this …

Courtesy of Lara Zielin, one of the fantabulous 2009 Debs, comes this video:

While I haven’t knocked on anyone’s door … yet, I’ve been known to sing the praises of “The Donald” more than once. Okay. A lot. All the time. Actually, I probably need a 12-step program, the one where I promise not to annoy my writing friends.

But, but, but … their (writing) lives would be much more fulfilling if only they listened to Donald Maass. Try the gateway drug Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook. Just one exercise. Or two! How could it hurt? It’s an exercise, silly, not a way of life.

That comes later.

And look, he’s going to be in Madison, WI in November! I may have to make a pilgrimage.

Seriously. I used Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook extensively with Geek Girl. But you know, writing craft books are just like any other book–they work for some people and not for others. For me, voice and tone go a long way in whether I simply enjoy a writing craft book.

But, yeah. I’ll try to stop curb the proselytizing.

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On writing partners

I’m always fascinated by how other writing partners work. I wonder if it’s like being a twin–you have a connection with someone most people don’t have.

So naturally, I loved every minute of this interview. I don’t think the process Darcy and I go through is quite as bloody. But we do trade scenes back and forth, and write over each other, and we do have sentences where I’ve probably written two words and she’s written three (and vice versa).

And we do talk about the characters as if they’re real people. (You mean they’re not? Oh.) We’ve been know to spend copious amounts of time shopping for the perfect prom/homecoming dress/shoes etc. for them.

And … we’re doing a lot of that right now, which is why the blog content has been a little thin.

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The future is here!

And I, for one, plan to welcome our new, laundry-folding robot overlords.

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