Daily Archives: March 13, 2010

Unpacking the weekend

Oh, it’s busy here at Chez Tahmaseb.

 Last night, after Kyra’s ballet:

  • Dinner at the Chinese place inside the grocery store (mmm, orange chicken)
  • Target for a birthday present.


  • Birthday party, a three-hour birthday party.
  • Panera, up the road from birthday party (mmm, Panera). Writing will occur.
  • Boy Scout dinner (mmm, unspecified Boy Scout food) after merit badge weekend (Andrew is earning the crime prevention badge, but I keep referring to it as crime scene investigation–Boy Scouts do a lot, but I don’t think they do that much.)
  • Shopping–Kyra and I have made the executive decision that we need new spring styles.


  • Play with my mom
  • New swim lessons for Kyra, at the same time as the play–still working on how to manage that one
  • Banquet for Andrew’s swim team (mmm, pasta, and why we need those new spring styles)


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