Write 1/Sub 1 check in: week 36 the one with the Mad Scientist

Week 36! My big news: I sold another story. The Short Sweet Life of My Invisible Prom Date will be published in an upcoming issue of Mad Scientist Journal.

It’s such a quirky little story that I’m very pleased it managed to find a home.

My write 1 for the week was another flash challenge assignment, which was:

Comedy/ A space station/ Onion rings

Again, while I don’t plan to ever look a gift story in the mouth, this one came in at about 3,000 words (you’ll note the trend–longer, not shorter) and it in no way resembles a comedy (despite those onion rings). This upcoming week I hope to write an actual piece of flash fiction. We’ll see how that goes.


  • The Ways of Goodbye ~ 3,000 words, I’m not overly fond of this title, but the only other one I can think of is: Onion Ring Story.


  • Playing Soldier


  • Alliance


  • The Short Sweet Life of My Invisible Prom Date ~ will be published in Mad Scientist Journal: Winter 2014, in early April 2014.

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