Write 1/Sub 1 check in: week 37 the one with a big cup of ghostly coffee

Week 37! More big news this week. Ghost in the Coffee Machine will be part of the COFFEE: Caffeinated Tales of the Fantastic anthology, due out later this year (in time for the holidays)!

My write 1 for the week was another flash challenge assignment, which was:

Open/ A rooftop / press-on fingernails

I came in at 2,000 words or so. Not quite a flash, and I’m thinking this story needs a bit more, but I really like where it ended up, press-on fingernails and all, so there’s that.

In fact, I counted up the number of draft stories I have and it came out to nine. Nine! This does not include the story with the glass eye. Yeah, that one probably isn’t making it out of my notebook.

I have four draft stories in electronic form and five still in my (paper) notebook. I need to carve out a little time and get the rest of those stories into electronic form so I can start sending them out.


  • What Little Remains ~ 2,000 words


  • Alliance
  • Straying from the Path
  • Rules for Visiting Hades ~ an old story submitted to a journal doing a “resurrection issue”. They want stories from defunct markets that are not currently archived online. This story fit the bill (in those terms–it may not be to the journal’s taste).  


  • Straying from the Path ~ an “almost for us” rejection from Daily Science Fiction. Oh, so close! Back out it goes.  
  • Filling the Space


  • Ghost in the Coffee Machine ~ will be published in COFFEE: Caffeinated Tales of the Fantastic. Out later this year! Pre-order early! Pre-order often! 

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