Published: The Trouble with Prom + a sneak peek

Sometimes the slipper just doesn’t fit

The Trouble with PromTwo contemporary young adult short stories

Glass Slipper: What do you do when the boy you’ve known forever dumps you the day before prom with everyone in a packed cafeteria looking on? Stalk him in your pajamas, of course. For Mira, this is only the start of a not-so-Cinderella prom.

Breaking Plans: Constance has plans, ones that include leaving her small town immediately after graduation. Prom isn’t part of her agenda. Constance is proficient at breaking rules. But breaking plans? Never. Except that might be the one thing she needs to do.

Bonus Content: Get a sneak peek of The Fine Art of Keeping Quiet

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There you go: Two stories plus a sneak peek at The Fine Art of Keeping Quiet (the first four chapters), all for less than a cup of coffee at most places.


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One response to “Published: The Trouble with Prom + a sneak peek

  1. Congratulations on publishing these stories! They sound like they would make quite an interesting read.

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