Weekly writing check-in: the one with the cover reveal

Keeping QuietSo, yesterday, if you noticed, was the cover reveal for The Fine Art of Keeping Quiet. But I’ll add it in here, just in case you missed it.

The scheduled release date is June 24, 2014, so stay tuned. It will be available in e-format and print, and so far it’s been a grand adventure pulling this all together.

In other news I got another new story submitted, which made up for the three that were rejected. I also pulled a story from a market that had it for a very, very long time. It was, in theory, short-listed. But since this particular market has had long stretches of silence, I thought it better to pull it and do something else with it.

Plus, the editor at Fantasy Scroll Magazine asked me to do an author interview that will run in the issue with the story I sold them last week.

Writing Work:

  • Lots of proofing, lots of typo catching, lots of “What on earth is wrong with my spine?” (the book’s spine that is, not my own)


  • A (K)night in the Royal Arms (new story!)


  • Five to Freedom
  • What Little Remains
  • The Perfect Canvas



  • None

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One response to “Weekly writing check-in: the one with the cover reveal

  1. The book looks like a good read. Good job with the anthology.

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