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Weekly writing check-in: the one with a series bible

Oh, yes. A series bible for the Coffee & Ghosts series? (And yes, do you admire my unbelievably creative name for the series?) Absolutely a good idea. I found a few places where I will need to adjust either this story or that, figure out where–exactly–one of the characters lives, and so on.

It was also one of those weeks where I had a bunch of random story ideas pop up in my head, so I jotted a few of them down, and now I’m wondering how to steal a bit more time to write all the things.

Speaking of stealing time: Just a Matter of Time will have a free run on Amazon starting tomorrow. Five days! Grab it for free while you can and all that.

Writing Work:

  • Coffee & Ghosts series bible
  • Story brainstorming: many ideas, not nearly enough time. Must. Type. Faster.


  • None


  • None


  • None


  • None, but! Upcoming promo! Starting Monday and lasting for five days, you can grab a copy of Just a Matter of Time on Kindle for free.



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