New release: Gone Ghost!

And … it’s here! The fourth episode in the Coffee & Ghosts series is live.

Gone Ghost


Katy Lindstrom is pretty handy at capturing ghosts with nothing more than coffee and some Tupperware. She’s an expert at catch and release as well. She’s never once returned a ghost to a client.

Until now.

After rival ghost hunters roll through town, exorcising haunted objects, and roll out again with some of those very objects, suspicion falls on Katy. Clients stop calling. The police chief thinks she’s guilty. And a dear friend’s Purple Heart—and its ghost—goes missing.

Katy and Malcolm devise a plan to retrieve the Purple Heart—and clear Katy’s name. A plan that defies the police chief’s orders, and one that includes a whirlwind tour of Malcolm’s alma mater and haunted frat house.

But the big city offers more than bright lights and adventure. Something has lured Katy here, something dark and sinister with an agenda of its own.

This time, Katy has stepped into a trap. This time, everything she thought she knew—about ghosts, Malcolm, and herself—will change forever.

Just 99 cents or read for free with Kindle Unlimited!


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