Weekly writing check-in: the one with the Ghost That Got Away

So, this week, along with formatting, reviewing, and publishing The Ghost That Got Away, I continued the  content edit/listening proof on the third episode. This helps me keep the story details and world building fresh. I also worked ahead on the cover for both The Wedding Ghost and the season two bundle, even though those won’t be out for a while (The Wedding Ghost in March, the bundle sometime in the spring).

I also pulled together everything for the taxes! And sent out three submissions. Plus, we were all sick here (strep! colds! kennel cough!).

No wonder I’m just a little bit tired.

Writing Work:

  • Content edit/proof on episode three of Coffee & Ghosts
  • The Ghost That Got Away formatting and publishing
  • Cover work for The Wedding Ghost


  • Straying from the Path
  • A Measure of Sorrow
  • Chicken Fat and Whipped Cream


  • Straying from the Path


  • None


The Ghost That Got Away is out in the world.

You can read more about that in my post from yesterday.

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