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Weekly writing check-in: the one where I drink too much coffee

coffeeheartThe problem with both writing a story that involves coffee (and ghosts) and then rereading the entire series? The overwhelming urge to drink coffee–and lots of it.

I was part way through The Ghost Whisperer when I thought to myself: I really need another cup of coffee.

If this keeps up, I’ll need┬áto splurge and buy some Kona blend.

In other, non-caffeine related news, I sent out three more stories, making a total of five for the month, three of those brand new ones. My submission tracker is looking a bit more robust these days.

As for this coming week, I expect to be drinking even more coffee.

Writing Work:

  • Reading Coffee & Ghosts
  • Photoshop and┬ádesign
  • Revision work/short stories
  • Craft work: Truby class


  • Like Bread Loves Salt
  • Paper Trail
  • Fire and Ivy


  • None


  • None


  • None

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