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Weekly writing check-in: the one with formatted ghosts

Again, all about Coffee & Ghosts this week. The first read through and revisions are done, now for the listening proof/edit. I also formatted episode two. Now that I use Vellum, this is so easy. In fact, it’s so easy, I still wonder if I’m missing a part of the process orĀ if I’ve overlooked something.

I double check, of course. Every time. But it’s just that simple to format with Vellum. If you own a Mac, definitely look into buying the application. It’s worth every penny.

But that means A Few Good Ghosts is up for pre-order, with an on-sale date of November 30th.

Writing Work:

  • RevisingĀ Coffee & Ghosts, episode 3
  • Formatting and uploading episode 2


  • None


  • Paper Trail


  • None


a-few-good-ghostsNone, but A Few Good Ghosts is available for pre-order in some places, including Amazon.

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