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Weekly writing check-in: the one with the new year, new story, and new ghosts


I have one more story to add to last week’s list. In a Manner of Speaking was up on Escape Pod on December 29th. While I didn’t realize it at the time, looking back, I can tell this story is a tribute to Doctor Who. So, if you like Doctor Who, especially the sadder episodes, you might enjoy this story as well.

Also, today is release day for Nothing but the Ghosts. You can read more about that in my post here.

I looked at my word count for the year, and I wrote ~160,000 words, most of those in Coffee & Ghosts. Most of the year was dedicated to Coffee & Ghosts. I wrote four episodes (each novella length) and published five, along with the bundles for each season.

As for the rest of the word count, it ended up in some short stories, some playing around, and the start of what I hope will be a new series in 2017.

Writing Work:


  • Lucky


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In a Manner of Speaking in audio on Escape Pod. The text is there, too, for those who prefer to read.

And, of course, Episode Three of Season Three of Coffee & GhostsNothing but the Ghosts went live this morning.

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Now Available: Nothing but the Ghosts


When it comes to both coffee and ghosts, Katy Lindstrom is an expert, but her most recent otherworldly encounter has left her housebound and weak.

After Katy uncovers some long-held family secrets, she finds herself entangled in past and present—and on a mission to find the truth. To unravel past mysteries, she’ll need to bargain with a powerful entity and face retribution from the necromancer community.

Where Katy must go, Malcolm can’t follow. This time around, she’ll need to make the ultimate sacrifice. This time, to save Malcolm, Springside, and everything she loves, Katy will need to give them up forever.

Available on all vendors for a special launch price of 99 cents. Start 2017 with Nothing but the Ghosts.

New to Coffee & Ghosts? Read the pilot episode for free (or listen to the audio version from The Drabblecast). Or jump right in with Season One (on sale for 99 cents–but hurry) and Two.

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