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Weekly writing check-in: hello, negative word count

Not quite, but after that writing tear last week, I went in and removed about 2,000 words. I’m not really sure how many new words I managed this week, but I’m going to take a guess at ~3,200 of them.

And sometimes that happens. It doesn’t matter how much I outline or work on the story structure¬†beforehand, I need to actually write the words to learn what the story is really about.

This time, my characters discovered a mysterious, locked briefcase that wasn’t there in the outline. What’s inside the briefcase? Other than some angry ghosts, I’m not 100% certain.

So, this coming week, I’ll relook the structure and (fingers crossed) move forward with the story.

Otherwise, some Photoshop, some folklore, and a few submissions.

Writing work:

  • Series work (structure, brainstorming, research)
  • Graphic Design/Photoshop tutorials
  • Writing, ~3,200 words
  • Folklore classes


  • Cheating Death
  • Moving Day


  • Dereliction
  • Respite


  • None


  • None

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