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A YA state of mind

For those of you interested in entering the Young Adult category of the Golden Heart (okay, that may just be one or two of you, but still …), Trish Milburn aka Tricia Mills will be blogging at the Wet Noodle Posse today about entering the Young Adult category of the Golden Heart.

Hop on over if you’re interested/curious. The rules for YA were revamped this to reflect what’s going on in the market. So, it’s more young adult with romantic elements than young adult romance. And a big hooray for that. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.


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Mary sold!

Go on over to The Bandwagon and read about Mary’s first sale to The Wild Rose Press and give her a hearty congratulations.

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You gotta have (golden) heart

When it comes to the Oscars and the Golden Heart, it’s an honor just to be nominated. Of course, it’s a honkin’ thrill to win. The Wet Noodle Posse wants you to be thrilled or honored next year, so starting October 1st, we’re devoting our entire blog to Golden Heart tips, to help you get your purty face on the big screen in San Francisco.What’s the best category for your entry? How do you interpret this year’s formatting instructions? Where do you break your partial? What mistakes can you avoid and what stand-out traits do winning entries have? Every member of the Wet Noodle Posse is a previous Golden Heart finalist, lots are winners, and a few have enough bling to start their very own heart-themed gift shop.

Believe it or not, entering the Golden Heart can be fun. Join the camaraderie that is the Wet Noodle Posse and get help bringing home the Gold!

Mark your calendar for October 1st and visit The Wet Noodle Posse Blog.

Send any suggestions of Golden Heart topic areas you wish the Noodlers to address to Jill Monroe.

Take a break by visiting our free monthly ezine.

Who is the Wet Noodle Posse?

In 2003, a group of about sixty women met each other online for the first time as finalists in the Golden Heart. They found a special friendship, and stayed together – through births and deaths, the inevitable agent and editor rejections, giddy-making first sales and more sales. When anyone expressed doubt about her talent, the others threatened to thrash her with a wet noodle. The name Wet Noodle Posse was born. Today the Posse has any multi-finalists and winners, and a few have enough bling to start their very own heart-themed gift shop.

The Wet Noodle Posse went on to launch an e-zine designed to celebrate and support women in all kinds of ways. Of the Noodlers who take part in the e-zine, 22 of 32 are now published, for nearly 69 percent. They also started a blog to expand their contact with others. Now the Wet Noodle Posse wants to share their collective experience to encourage other writers to enter the Golden Heart.


I should mention that if you comment on the The Wet Noodle blog during the month, you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a critique give-away. More details to come on that.

Also, I’m still casting about for a topic, since no one seemed to take to “how to final your first time out with your first manuscript and never final again.” Seriously, I don’t bring much more than that to the table.

So, anything you’d like to know?


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When I’m a mom, I’ll miss you

I’m blogging today over at The Wet Noodle Posse site, on word of mouth.

Last night, I was writing with Kyra on my lap (something I used to do with Andrew as well). She was busy picking out all the k’s I used, her favorite letter, for obvious reasons. Then, out of the blue, she said, “When I’m a mom, I’ll miss you.”

“Because we won’t live in the same house?” I asked.

She nodded.

“But we’ll visit,” I said.

Kyra agreed, making elaborate plans to live in the house we’re living in now. That way, I’ll always be able to find her.

“You’ll have to tell me how to get to your new house,” she said.

I promised I would.

“When I’m a mom,” she said, “will you be a grandma?”

“I will. And your kids will be my grandchildren.”

She nodded. I wrote and she placed her hands on mine, so we typed together, both thinking about that time when she will be a mom.

And how I’ll miss her.


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Sneaky Summer Milestones

I’m blogging about sneaky summer milestones today over at the Wet Noodle Posse blog.

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Hard looking eye looker

Last night, I was praising the kids for swimming so hard at their lessons. Andrew will be moving up a level, yet again, and Kyra is oh-so close but her progress has been tremendous this session.

We made our standard joke of working hard/hardly working (cuz you know, it never gets old). Then Kyra insisted I work hard at swim lessons too. She groped for words to describe exactly what it is I do there and came up with:

Hard looking eye looker.

What I think she means is I watch their lessons closely with, of course, my eye. I love the sound of it, though. Sounds like something from the Old West (Hollywood version).

“Sure, I know the Hard Looking Eye Looker,” the barkeep said, polishing a whiskey glass with a bit of homespun. “Lives in the caves up behind the old abandon gold mines. Lives all by her lonesome, too, expect fer Pete, the one-eyed parrot. Mean sommabitch. Nearly took out young Nat’s eye last week. Jealous, you know. You best be travelin’ some other direction.”

And for writers, filed under the: if you only read one blog post on writing today, read this one from Stef’s (almost) Daily Dish. I didn’t realize that Stef was dishing it out almost daily lately either. I must get out more. Like Trish Milburn who sold a while back, Stef is another Noodler who sets the gold standard as far as persistence goes.

You might even say she’s a hard looking eye looker.


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Noodler news: Trish sold

Noodler Trish Milburn got the call yesterday. She sold two young adult novels to Razorbill, the young adult imprint for Penguin Putnam. She’s a multiple Golden Heart finalist and winner. She’s been writing and submitting for eleven years. Whenever I get down, I always think of Trish and how long she’s been at it. Go on over and congratulate her!


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