Hard looking eye looker

Last night, I was praising the kids for swimming so hard at their lessons. Andrew will be moving up a level, yet again, and Kyra is oh-so close but her progress has been tremendous this session.

We made our standard joke of working hard/hardly working (cuz you know, it never gets old). Then Kyra insisted I work hard at swim lessons too. She groped for words to describe exactly what it is I do there and came up with:

Hard looking eye looker.

What I think she means is I watch their lessons closely with, of course, my eye. I love the sound of it, though. Sounds like something from the Old West (Hollywood version).

“Sure, I know the Hard Looking Eye Looker,” the barkeep said, polishing a whiskey glass with a bit of homespun. “Lives in the caves up behind the old abandon gold mines. Lives all by her lonesome, too, expect fer Pete, the one-eyed parrot. Mean sommabitch. Nearly took out young Nat’s eye last week. Jealous, you know. You best be travelin’ some other direction.”

And for writers, filed under the: if you only read one blog post on writing today, read this one from Stef’s (almost) Daily Dish. I didn’t realize that Stef was dishing it out almost daily lately either. I must get out more. Like Trish Milburn who sold a while back, Stef is another Noodler who sets the gold standard as far as persistence goes.

You might even say she’s a hard looking eye looker.


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5 responses to “Hard looking eye looker

  1. Jen

    I loved this, Charity! LOL. Yup… K should be in K (you know what I mean).

    I’ll go look up the other blog. I loved your Western bit… sure you don’t want to turn it into something more? Maybe a Western Cimorene type?

  2. Oh, can we hope for more in the continuing drama of the Hard-Looking Eye-Looker?

    Kyra is amazing. Just amazing.

  3. Greg

    I learned of your blog via Annos Place. Great entry.
    The interlude of the Hard-Looking Eye-Looker is wonderful. Reminds me of a short story two friends of mine made years ago by combining a 1950’s sex manual with a pot-boiler detective novel. They called it “In Search of the Totally Noon-day Cocktail.”

  4. Charity

    Greg, welcome! That’s too funny. A 1950’s sex manual. When I was in ROTC, I found a 1950’s “How to be an Army Wife” in the battalion library. We had a good time with that.

  5. Hard-looking eye looker, sounds like an ugly peeping Tom. I love it. Kids say the funniest things.

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