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This winter: so very taxing

So yes, I fell off the blogging bandwagon.

More accurately, I fell off the blogging bandwagon, hit the slush-covered gravel road, rolled into a ditch, and then low-crawled until I found an abandoned fox den, where I proceeded to curl up and hibernate.

Just kidding. I didn’t actually hibernate.

Because neither does my new friend.

This little one has been hanging around our back deck, probably because that’s where the birdfeeders are.

He/she is highly skilled at finding everything the chickadees and squirrels leave behind.

And since opossums also eat ticks, I’m hoping this one sticks around for summer.

In other news, I have a drabble (a story that’s exactly 100 words, minus the title) in Issue 27 of Scribes*MICRO*Fiction. And They All Lived is not a fairy tale, but I think (hope) it’s a complete story.


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Free Fiction Friday: The Bargain (Super Deluxe Version)

While I’ve shared this story before, I haven’t shared the super deluxe version I made the other day.

I love the image of the dragon that I found, and it was fun to make this little graphic, but I’m not really sure what to do with it. Other than sharing it here, that is.

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Free Fiction Friday: The Bargain

The Bargain was first published in issue #2 Spirit’s Tincture.

It’s a drabble, a story that is exactly 100 words long.

Mirabella stood tethered to the pole, throat clogged with sulfur. The cavern yawned before her. Behind her, villagers crouched, trembling with anticipation.

The yearly bargain was underway.

A roar. Earth-shattering footfalls. Talons scraped the earth. The dragon closed its wings about the pole; a stream of fire sent the villagers scampering.

In their wake, Mirabelle sighed.

A single talon sliced the ropes. She pulled a key from her bodice, worked it into the shackle around the dragon’s ankle. He bowed his head, in agreement, in gratitude.

She straddled his neck, clutched him tight, and together they rose into the air.

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Weekly writing check-in: the one with good ghosts and tiny dragons

So! A Few Good Ghosts is out in the world. I spent most of the week working on the revision and listening proof for the final episode. This is a bittersweet sort of thing. I mean, I never say never when it comes to writing, but for now, episode three will be the last Coffee & Ghosts story.

I might write some standalone stories (I left some “white space” between The Ghost That Got Away and The Wedding Ghost just for that reason). Or something might hit me out of the blue.

But I have ideas for other series and only one pair of hands for typing.

In other news, I have a drabble out this week, in issue #2 of  Spirit’s Tincture. What’s a drabble? It’s a story of exactly 100 words. This one involves a dragon.

Writing Work:

  • Revising, listening proof Coffee & Ghosts, episode 3


  • Fire and Ivy


  • Fire and Ivy


  • None


The Bargain in issue #2 of Spirit’s Tincture.

a-few-good-ghostsA Few Good Ghosts! Now available everywhere!

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