Weekly writing check-in: the one with good ghosts and tiny dragons

So! A Few Good Ghosts is out in the world. I spent most of the week working on the revision and listening proof for the final episode. This is a bittersweet sort of thing. I mean, I never say never when it comes to writing, but for now, episode three will be the last Coffee & Ghosts story.

I might write some standalone stories (I left some “white space” between The Ghost That Got Away and The Wedding Ghost just for that reason). Or something might hit me out of the blue.

But I have ideas for other series and only one pair of hands for typing.

In other news, I have a drabble out this week, in issue #2 of  Spirit’s Tincture. What’s a drabble? It’s a story of exactly 100 words. This one involves a dragon.

Writing Work:

  • Revising, listening proof Coffee & Ghosts, episode 3


  • Fire and Ivy


  • Fire and Ivy


  • None


The Bargain in issue #2 of Spirit’s Tincture.

a-few-good-ghostsA Few Good Ghosts! Now available everywhere!

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