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Weekly writing check-in: strange days, indeed

As you might imagine, it was a strange week for everyone. I did a bit of Photoshop work and got a Friday story scheduled and … that’s about it.

Here’s the thing. You might be super creative during this time. In which case, go you! You might not. In which case, go you! Do what you need to during this time, whether that’s binge-watching or binge-cleaning, along with keeping yourself and others as safe as possible.

Some random things that you might find helpful:

  • Judicious social media blocking. There are many app and social media blockers. I use Freedom. Keep yourself from reneging on your promise NOT to check social media (and avoid the inevitable guilt spiral). Seriously. It works.
  • Free Shakespeare plays from the Globe Theatre.
  • Free stories from Audible (for littles to teens).
  • Writing in a time of crisis:

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This Shakespeare quiz will not be graded

Stolen from Annie Cardi.

Which Shakespeare character are you? Apparently, I am┬áRosalind and I’m thinking it would be a lot more fun to live in a Shakespeare comedy than in one of his tragedies, no?

If you click there here, you can find out who you are. No worries. This quiz will not be graded. However, we may judge you.



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