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Weekly writing check-in: the one with the ghost whisperer

So, The Ghost Whisperer ventured into the world this week. After a flurry of rejections last week, things settled down considerably. Well, they settled down to nothing. After last week? I’ll take it.

This week, I’ve kept myself occupied with taking a class on The Great Gatsby.  I recommend the Jake Gyllenhaal narration via Audible. Even better, if you own the iconic blue cover in Kindle format, that version and the audio one are Whispersynced and you can get a reduced price on the audio.

I also revised Gone Ghost and will head straight into revising Must Love Ghosts, just to keep the story continuity in my head. Then? I don’t know. I’m starting to feel the need to go on a writing tear.

Writing Work:

  • Revising Gone Ghost
  • Lit class: The Great Gatsby


  • None


  • None


  • None


Ghost Whisperer

Episode 3 of the Coffee & Ghosts serial is now available! You can buy or borrow The Ghost Whisperer over at Amazon.

Ghost in the Coffee Machine is still free to read and includes an excerpt from the second episode, Giving up the Ghosts.

You can read more about what’s up in episode 3 in my post of a few days ago.


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New release: The Ghost Whisperer!

And … it’s here! The third episode in the Coffee & Ghosts series is live.

Ghost Whisperer

When it comes to the supernatural, Katy Lindstrom–ghost hunter and expert coffee brewer–always knows what to do. Give her five minutes and some excellent Kona blend, and she’ll trap your ghost.

Katy is completely unequipped when a mysterious and beguiling ghost whisperer floats into town. The so-called Mistress Armand charms away Katy’s clients and accuses her of ghost cruelty. At the town-wide séance, nearly everyone falls under the ghost whisperer’s spell–including Katy’s business partner, Malcolm.

But Mistress Armand isn’t the benevolent, new-age medium she pretends to be. She craves something dark and shameful from the citizens of Springside Township. This time, Katy is going in blind. This time, coffee won’t work. And this time, she may need to give up something shameful of her own.

Just 99 cents or read for free with Kindle Unlimited!


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