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What I wrote in 2011

I’m sure you’re all curious about what I’ve been writing in 2011. So I give you my middle grade novel, Speechless:

Word cloud courtesy of Wordle.

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Why read the book?

When you can read the Wordle? Seriously. Check it. The Geek Girl’s Guide to Cheerleading:


I’m a little sad that geek isn’t larger. I’d thought we’d used that plenty o’ times. Ah, ha. Avoiding overuse. That’s it.

And just for fun, I did The Fine Art of Holding Your Breath. This may be the only way you read this book.


Look at how large the word one is here and in Geek Girl’s Guide. What’s up with that? Clearly this is my quirk.

Don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten Butler (or perhaps you wish I would). We’re having crunch time at work and I need more time to reflect on just what it is he’s saying.


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