Well, what do you think?

I admit, it’s easier to use than D-land, but unless I want to download WordPress, there’s stuff I can’t do in the HTML. Not that I’m all that great. Still it’s nice to know I can stare under the hood of my blog, so to speak.

 So. Thinking.


 Updated to add: Okay, it’s so much easier to figure things out in the morning, especially after a cup or three of coffee. I figured out how to get widgets into my sidebar. Dude, I can’t live without widgets in my sidebar, not that I really had any before.

I am also working on the blogroll, so if you don’t see yourself there–and want to be–or see yourself there–and don’t want to be–let me know.


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7 responses to “Well, what do you think?

  1. I’m totally jealous… I started a wordpress blog and then couldn’t figure out any of it… I was absolutely clueless.

    Of course, I couldn’t figure out D-land either. Speaking of which, what’s up with them?

  2. oooh… I love the clean new look! Like Marianne, I am totally jealous. WordPress blogs are beautiful, but the only way wordpress & I get along is if we leave each other alone.

  3. Jen

    This looks great, Charity. I love the graphic at the top. Thanks for including me in the blogroll – I’ll change your url on my blog, too. I’m also looking forward to checking out “Smart Bitches…” Haven’t seen that one before but I sure love the title!

    Wow the text for comments is huge…

  4. Yes, thanks for including me on your blogroll, too. Also, I like the tiny smiley face that shows up on the upper right hand corner of the comments page.

  5. Charity

    Well, sadly, things at D-land don’t seem to be going all that well. Super-slow servers, server crashes, and so on. Plus, they haven’t kept up with the user interface. You have to know a fair amount of HTML if you want to do anything beyong the basics. I want to write, not code.

    I’m liking all the options I have with WordPress, even this version, which isn’t as powerful as the one you can download.

  6. I have to modify my bookmarks.

    Other than that, no problems.

    I wouldn’t mind being blogrolled, though as it’s coming round election time, and the White House is being more annoying than usual, life is likely to have a lot more politics than food, though it ought to have some photography too.


  7. Darcy

    Hey C,

    Like the new digs! Talk soon?


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