It’s raining men

 So, I went searching today on a whim and look what I found:

Man, I love the internet. 

Warning: it has “adult” language and is about five minutes long. But oh, so worth it.

I know it’s wrong, and shallow, but this makes me v. v. happy.


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4 responses to “It’s raining men

  1. Oh boy! As soon as I get someplace with bandwidth….

  2. Jen

    Oh…. you made my Sunday! I LOVE this scene. And you know, anything Colin Firth-y…

    Also, this may be one of the few movies ever made that is SO much better than the book 😉

  3. I’m definitely weird. I didn’t like this movie. I couldn’t even finish it. I disliked it intensely.


    I am the weirdest person ever.

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