The day after

I did actually use a fork today to eat my lunch. Improvement all around.


I do confess I was pretty taken aback by the email from the our (!) agent. I anticipated a quiet evening of setting up a new computer. (Andrew gets my old one; I get to be the family Vista beta tester.)


I was taken aback because the first email on my new computer was from the our (!) agent.

It was downhill after that. Because clearly, I did not:

  • Call my own mother (!)

  • Call my sister (!)

  • Email Marianne (!)

I. Am. Remiss. Forgive me. Last night was swimming and football. Andrew has words of  wisdom on the importance of wearing a cup, but I’ll save those for later.


Yesterday, I discovered a SASE with a rejection in it in the mailbox. I found this highly entertaining.


Today, I found out one of my tech writing haikus made the short list in the Haiku Buckaroo contest.


Marianne and Judy have been working very hard on their new review site: The Long and the Short of It. They have contests and prizes and a grand opening. Visit their sites for more information.


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3 responses to “The day after

  1. Jen

    Your mom and sis found out via the blog? (pokes Charity) LOL!!! It really hadn’t sunken in, had it? I hope that Andrew’s wisdom wasn’t borne of bad experience.

  2. I told you… I understand! LOL… and, since Mom didn’t get a call…


    Bet it was the best you’ve ever felt about a rejection, huh?

    Congrats again. I’ m SO excited for you. But I expect an email when you sell.

    Just saying.

  3. Jenn

    I just got caught up and wow! Congratulations! 🙂 Make sure you let us know when it’s available for buying. 🙂

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