Booking Through Thursday: Monogamy

Booking Through Thursday:

One book at a time? Or more than one? If more, are they different types/genres? Or similar?

(We’re talking recreational reading, here—books for work or school don’t really count since they’re not optional.)

Generally, I have three things going: audio book, nonfiction, and fiction.


I usually have a book on CD going in the car, otherwise, the commute–or rather, drive-time radio–would chip away at my sanity, and I don’t really have any of that to spare.


I’m slowly reading Script Partners, not that Darcy and plan to write any scripts together soon. It’s the only book that I could find about writing collaboration and partnership. I promised to send it to her once I was done–and I’m so not done with it. This one is moving up on the priority list.


I need to update my sidebar widget because it’s out of date. I finished A Northern Light a while back. I’m still reading A Girl At Sea.


I’m made some good progress on my TBR pile earlier this year, but now it’s teetering again on my nightstand, threatening to crush me while I sleep.


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4 responses to “Booking Through Thursday: Monogamy

  1. You could always do what I do: stack your TBR pile next to your bed… where you will only trip over it if you get up in the night.

    Who reads only one book at a time? Honestly, what a question!

  2. I’m right there with you, though I don’t do audio anymore since I no longer commute farther than my kitchen table!

    I’m still excited for you…

    And, I only keep magazines on my nightstand… for safety reasons.

  3. Jen

    I moved my TBR pile to the floor. Now I trip over it rather than worry about it falling at night…

  4. Mei

    I find it hard to listen to music in the car anymore; I prefer audiobooks for driving too.

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