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Home … stretch

Thanks to a power outage yesterday, I finished the paper edit on Geek Girl’s Guide to Cheerleading. Amazingly, on Sunday, I managed to edit while at Chuck E. Cheese. Who knew one could edit at Chuck E. Cheese? Or ballet class (well, Kyra’s class, it’s not like I’m trying to dance and edit at the same time).

Now, to key the changes, and with luck, not add a bunch of new typos to go along with them.

Is it wrong for me to say that I love this version of the book? Oh, probably. But what the hell. I love this version of the book. At first, Darcy and I weren’t sure how we’d pull off some of the suggestions our agent (!) made, but once we got going, things fell into place. I’m so hoping our agent (!) will see its “new cheerleader hotness” (to borrow a line from the book).

Of course, Darcy’s worked over the entire book already. I’m going through and rippling through some late, breaking changes, adding transitions where needed, maybe a little setting, and so on.

One of the coolest things about working with a partner is this edit. I can’t explain how delightful it was to read through and see the changes Darcy made. Of course, I anticipated the ones our agent (!) wanted, but a change here means a change over there, and up front there, and around the corner over there.

I’m telling you, there really is no “I” in cheerleader.

So, I need to finish up my part. I’ll be a bit scarce for a while longer. Or at least, slightly preoccupied.


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