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Snow princess riot, film at 11

So, we walked into school this morning, with me, carrying Kyra’s snow princess costume on a hanger, and caused a small riot.

Everyone oohed and ahed. Or rather, the adults did. The little boys strutted around and acted tough. The little girls crowded around the dress and declared it the best costume ever. Kyra took it all in with a shy, but very pleased, smile on her face.

Like I’ve said, she knows how to dress. Chalk one up for the snow princess costume.

The fifth and six graders don’t get to dress up. They do get some “drop everything and read” time, plus roller skating. Andrew’s been doing some calculations for extra book projects (turn in twelve and you get to go to Valley Fair at the end of the school year). He’s turned in a couple, done some extra credit projects that substitute for a book project. By his calculations, he figures reading Harry Potter 5 will take care of the rest.

He’s on page 12, but hanging in there so far.

Tonight we’ll go trick or treating, but that means we won’t be home to hand out candy. This would be bad except hardly anyone comes to our house and we live in the sort of neighborhood where you can leave a bowl of candy on the front step and everyone will politely take one or two pieces and that’s it.

So, minus any riots started by snow princess sightings, it should be a good night.


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