Daily Archives: October 19, 2007

What’s the USDA recommended daily allowance for that?

So the other night, we were talking about what to cook along with some (not so great) steaks we had on hand, and Bob asked:

“Do we have any veggies?”

Kyra popped her head up and said, “No! I don’t like wedgies!”

Wedgies–it’s what’s for dinner. Someone has been spending too much time around her brother.

AndĀ from the spam filter:

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In between each line (ha, you have to read between the lines, nice) were URLs for payday loans, discount airline tickets, and lots and lots of discount drugs. I is pleasantly amazed! Because when you’re looking for drugs, it’s always best to go with the cut rate, Internet ones. There really would be merrily then.

Mr. Spam-A-Lot (AKA your-IP-is-now-banned) was right about one thing. I do have beautiful visitors.

It’s Friday! Let there be merrily!


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