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Constantly A-mazed

Today’s adventure involved a trip to the combined apple orchard/pumpkin patch/corn maze at Afton Apples. They also have a petting zoo and a playground. As you’ve probably guessed, we’re talking nonstop fun. If you want, you can run the movie they have on the Afton Apples website and view said fun.

Once we turned off all the main highways and hit the two lane, real farm-type country roads, the kids got really excited. Kyra bounced in her seat and said:

“Oh, look, Mommy! It’s the place where aliens can land their spaceships!”

What did she see?

A cornfield.

I think a few more trips to the country may be in order.

We also drove by another relic of Americana–the drive-in movie theater, a concept Andrew found fascinating.

A few pictures from today. I’m going to (try to) place the majority¬†under a cut, but I’m not sure it will work.


Deep in the depths of the corn maze. Will they every get out?

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