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George Clooney doesn’t live here anymore

It’s amazing what one little post will bring to your blog. For instance: my story TP-ing Casa de Clooney, a (relatively) harmless piece of fluff. Somehow, this brings people searching for George Clooney’s house (and well, who hasn’t). Strange as it may seem, George Clooney doesn’t live in my blog.

He lives here:


This, apparently, is an eight bedroom Tudor house. I bet the real estate description includes the phrase: Location, Location, Location!

Sometimes, he lives here:


This is Villa Oleandra (previously owned by the Heinz family — think John Kerry). It’s in Italy. This is not so much Location, Location, Location as Location, if you know what I mean.

So, as you can see, research for fiction–invaluable.¬†Just imagine what I could do with my brain if it wasn’t filled with George Clooney trivia.

Still, in case it isn’t clear, let’s review. George Clooney does not live in my blog:

  1. Clearly, it’s not chi-chi enough.
  2. It doesn’t have eight bedrooms
  3. It’s not in Italy

Any questions?


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