Because it’s ballet

Yesterday was The Nutcracker. As promised, I give you the dress the marvelous Miss B finally chose to wear to this grand event:


She went for the simple, sleeveless red satin A-line dress with velvet bolero jacket trimmed with faux ermine. White tights and red sequins ballet flats complete the ensemble. The red and white candy striped headband adds that right amount of holiday cheer.

Hello Kitty purse, while optional, is highly recommended, especially when it contains: lip balm, lip gloss, and Hello Kitty lotion. Apply liberally. Big brother escort in new cargo pants and a “button” shirt is also optional.

Andrew was underwhelmed by the ballet, kept wondering why they don’t walk or talk during any of it.

Because it’s ballet, I told him.

Kyra, on the other hand, enjoyed it very much. But she wanted to know why there wasn’t any tap dancing.

Because it’s ballet, I told her.


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7 responses to “Because it’s ballet

  1. Great dress, perfectly accessorized!
    Is it my imagination, or is Andrew growing by leaps and bounds this year… hard to keep him in chinos & cargo pants?

  2. Is there anything cuter than a little girl in a Christmas dress? Picture = adorable.

  3. Jenn

    Too much fun! She really is a girly girl, isn’t she?

  4. The Hello Kitty purse really makes it. 😉

  5. Abby

    The kids look wonderful! I am absolutely amazed! Andrew looks so grown up. He reminds me a lot of Dad in that picture. It’s his smile and also the way he is standing and how he has his arm around Kyra. Kyra looks great too. She could wear a burlap sack and look good. I especially like her head band.

  6. darcy

    I thought we were looking for a colorful dress, embellished with hearts and flowers — and diamonds of course?! While this dress is lovely, tres chic and all that, and the girl modeling it is quite stunning (princess-like actually) I see not one flower or heart or … wait a minute! Are those DIAMONDS on that buckle? Why, yes, I believe they are!

    Oooh, c’est parfait!

    Nice choice of escort too.

  7. Stunning… just stunning. She is clearly a girl of exquisite taste.

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