Tomato soup has more substance than this blog

I have so much to say, and not enough hours in the day. At least not this week. I did want to comment on all this fear and loathing in the romance community, but that will have to wait. Here’s what’s going on:

  • Beta coming up at work
  • Line edits for Geek Girl’s Guide with Darcy
  • (Yet another) writing class (for which I haven’t done the assignment due Saturday)

I know. I’m insane. For some reason, I thought this time of year would be quiet and a class would be a nice diversion for snowy, cold days. Color me diverted.

So, instead of any actual content, I’ll give you this passage from my journal (I was searching last year’s for a thread of an idea that I think will fit the writing assignment):

Okay, worst lunch ever. I paid for tortellini in tomato water? Come on, if you make a mistake, drain the pasta and add new sauce. I mean, tomato soup has more substance than whatever it was they put on my pasta. Gah. Not eating there for a while. At least it’s warming up.

Do you like that total non sequitur into the weather? As you can see: my journal = scintillating.


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2 responses to “Tomato soup has more substance than this blog

  1. darcy

    Thank you and thank you!

    First. Your post made me think about my stepmother, Janet. She passed away twelve years ago and while she was many warm and wonderful things — a good cook? Eh, not so much. We used to dread her invitation to eat chili. We called it Bean Water.

    Second. Sara was recently home for Christmas break and while she is also many warm and wonderful things — an adventurous eater? Eh, not so much. She’ll be home again this weekend and I was wondering what to cook. Tomato soup with tortellini will be perfect!


    p.s. We talkin’ this weekend?

  2. There are weeks like that. What’s the brouhaha in the romance community? Oh, is this the plagiarism thing? Could I be any more blase? And I tend to like tomato soup.

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