So, what do you do now?

Sell a book, what’s next? Write another one. Well, we could. Or I could just go take a nap, which is what I did on Saturday afternoon.

I haven’t taken a nap in ages, but I seem to have some spring cold/flu/undefined ailment, so I though a nap might help. Of course, I’m not sure it’s really a nap if you have a five-year-old nursemaid in constant attendance, soothing your brow, patting your arm, and adding glittery lip gloss to your lips (I might be sick, but I’m still fashionable).

I wanted to thank everyone for all the kind congratulations yesterday, but even though I didn’t “nap,” I was still feeling under the weather. Ditto for today. Only no lip gloss, so I’m not nearly as fashionable.

But I am here to say thanks and thanks again. Darcy and I really appreciate it.


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3 responses to “So, what do you do now?

  1. And here I thought you were just celebrating. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. darcy

    To C,

    I’m sorry you are under the weather. Please heal as soon as possible so we can write another book, or whatever, although taking naps sounds pretty fashionable too. Maybe we could write a book about napping. I volunteer to do the research.

    To the Rest of You,

    Thank you so much for the kindness you have lavished on Charity and myself, for being there to support us and cheer us out of our funks — and for joining in our celebration. Your congratulations feels like a great big (((hug))).


  3. Oh, C.

    I hope you’re not getting the creeping crud that seems to be going around, because — yes, please. Another book would be good 🙂

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