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A funny thing happened on the way to the post office

Well, actually it happened at the post office. I had a big stack of books I was sending out (eleven to be precise). The guy working the counter asked me about them, thinking I was an eBay bookseller or something.

I, seizing upon opportunity (somewhat uncharacteristically), said, why, no, this is a book I wrote.

Post office guy? He. Was. Astounded. I had to tell him all about it. His wife had to know because she loves to read.

It’s at this point I think to myself: wow, I should really have some book business cards made up.

Then, the woman next in line piped that she has teen daughters who love to read.

Insert an image here of me kicking myself.

I was reduced to writing down titles on scrap paper.

So, I need some cards, ASAP. I tried some of those online design-your-own type places, but the results looked like someone with no graphics arts ability using one of those online design-your-own type places. But something is better than nothing, so I’m pushing this task up on my to-do list.

I also need a better answer to the question: “How long does it take to write a book?”

“It depends.” did not go over too well. The guy working the counter looked at me like: What? Is she crazy? She doesn’t know how long it takes to write a book? Isn’t that what she does?

I guess I could’ve told him four years. I got the initial idea for Geek Girl’s Guide in February of 2004. It sold in March, 2008 (and we still had another revision to go through).

Of course, I wrote other things during that time. Shelved it, took it out again, shelved it, started working with Darcy … hm, I had a moral in mind, I’m sure, beyond persistence and being in it for the long haul.

But all I really can think of is: book business card.

Must. Have.


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