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Face. Out.

So, last night after dance class, Miss B and I went on safari to see if we could catch Geek Girl in the wild. According to Barnes and Noble online, Geek Girl was stocked at my local B&N. I didn’t know if that meant, why yes, we have it in the back, or if it meant, it’s on the shelf.

Actually, what it meant was: we have it on the shelf. Face. Out.


Yes, there we were, face out, on the New for Teens shelf. (Other writers know how important the face out placement is–let me tell you, we’re just a little over the top about it, too.) But not only that, you could also find Geek Girl alphabetically:


This is a close up, but the T’s (what we’re filed under) are at just below eye level, so that’s nice. Plus, I think our spine is pretty spiffy and eye-catching.


One of the sales clerks was restocking Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in the teen section (no, really, she was), so I asked if they had a policy about signing stock, because my book just came out, there it was, and I was kind of excited. She said that she’d go ask the manager.

The manager came out and was so nice. She said, sure, sign our stock. She grabbed all the face out books and we went up to the information counter. She scanned the book to make sure we had all the copies, but then we remembered the one on the other shelf.

“I’ll get it!” Kyra cried out and she flew through the store to get the book and came rushing back. This, by the way, endeared her to the B&N staff. I signed the stock with my special purple pen while Kyra proudly pointed out her name in the dedication.

The manager pulled out the Autographed Copy stickers, which she let Kyra stick on the books:




She even let Kyra keep one of the stickers for herself, which she wore out of the store. The manager said that they’d place the book on a display up front for the weekend, too.

But I’ve pretty much decided I need to take Miss B with me everywhere book related. Guess who was complimented on her lovely hair and big brown eyes? It certainly wasn’t me. Miss B = my secret weapon.

If you want to hear how Darcy’s first sighting went, head on over to the Geek Girl site. (I’ll be recapping this post over there tomorrow.)


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