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The wonderful world of words

I was doing various chores/writing/whatever yesterday and Miss B was playing some quiet game. It was just the two of us at home and we were quite content. Then, I heard a laugh and she called out:

Mommy, come see how high this dude is!

My first reaction to this was: Wha–? since more than one definition for that word ran through my head. It seemed that I really needed to check out this dude.

The dude in questioned turned out to be a little Snoopy doll she had poised at the tip-top of a stuff animal clubhouse made of pillows. So, yeah. He was up there pretty high. You might even say he was high.

Sometimes, context is everything.

While I cleaning/clearing things yesterday, I came across a paper Kyra wrote that illustrates the writing lesson of sometimes it’s the word you leave out that’s important (corrected for spelling):

I wish that I lived in a castle because I am a pirate princess but I live in a nice house. I have a nice bed and nice stuff and a brother.

Poor Andrew. He always gets the short end of things, doesn’t he.


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