Traveling Geek Girls

We’re going to be all over the ‘net this week. Well, we’re some places anyway–and we’re giving away signed copies of The Geek Girl’s Guide to Cheerleading at both spots. 

First, we’ll have an interview up at Em’s Bookshelf. How many interviews have you read that end in a zombie attack? Exactly. You need to head over to find out how that all ends.

We’re also in the Author Spot at The Long and the Short of It. Today, Darcy asks me some hard-hitting questions. Want to know what you can cook in a paper bag? Head on over to find out.

And … updated to add Jen in MI, a wonderful friend, writer, and cook has a lovely take on Geek Girl’s Guide. Thank you, Jen!


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2 responses to “Traveling Geek Girls

  1. You’re also on a2eatwrite today. Well, not you guys, per se, but the book. 😉

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