The obligatory summer festival post

Yesterday was the annual summer festival, which is pretty much everyone’s favorite day around here. Well, it used to be. If you view the photographic evidence, you might think otherwise:


It's like I'm forcing them to have fun.


Frown much?


Andrew learns that life's lessons are not found at the bottom of a lemonade cup.

So, was a good time eventually had by all? More after the cut:


Okay, there's some sass. That's a little better.


The obligatory funny picture


Spin Art!

What started as a cloudy, rainy (as in downpour) day suddenly went stellar just as we arrived at the community center where the second half of the festival takes place. Think inflatables, fair food, fun! It’s all that and the EuroBungy.


Climbing the Titanic


I don't know why they love this one so much.


Kyra on the EuroBungy!


Andrew on the EuroBungy!

Adventure girl climbs!

Adventure girl climbs!

 After watching Kyra climb up the rock wall, Andrew declared her a rock climbing prodigy. Although he’s no slouch himself.

Andrew climbs!

Andrew climbs!


Break time: Miss B demonstrates one way to cool off.


Kyra on Blueberry


The chicken whisperer: Shh! The chickens are sleeping!


Andrew and friend


Camo Andrew


Miss B makes this look good.

 So, that was our day. And I think it’s safe to say a good time was had by all.


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3 responses to “The obligatory summer festival post

  1. C LOVES that Eurobungy thing, too. It’s his favorite, although he’s learned to eat AFTER doing it, not before.

  2. Looks like a hoot! Those first couple of pix cracked me up, though.

    Wish we had enough sun to go out and do something fun :-/

  3. Charity,
    Your children are so darling. I love their expressions. Who is your photographer? You, I bet. Really great shots. What a fun time you had must have had. Marli 🙂

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