Ten day challenge day 2: Writing Confessions

10 Day Write Blog Challenge button200Today’s Ten Day Writing Blogger Challenge included the option not to blog at all (got to love these prompts).

Instead, I went with the one that involved posting, since I already had for my Write 1/Sub 1 check in.

Today’s prompt:

Make 10 Writing Related Confessions

Here are my ten (odd) writing confessions: 

  1. I must have short fingernails to write. If my nails are too long, I get annoyed; I feel less creative. This makes no sense, I know. But that’s the way it is.
  2. The more I write, the less I’m tempted/impressed by programs, software, etc. to help me write more efficiently. It’s like I’ve regressed. Give me a pen and some paper and I’m happy.
  3. I check my submission tracker at least once a day. Everyone knows looking at your submissions makes editors respond faster.
  4. I once edited a manuscript in Chuck E. Cheese’s while my kids attended a birthday party.
  5. I also write major chunks of stories in the lobby areas of my daughter’s dance and gymnastics studios. A little ambient noise + music? Not a bad combination.
  6. If I don’t write every day, I feel like I will lose the ability to write. Yes, just like that. Overnight. And forever.
  7. My favorite pen is the uni-ball Vision Elite. I can write with other pens, but … meh. I put these on my Christmas list every year.
  8. The blank page still scares me.
  9. I’m always amazed when someone likes something I’ve written.
  10. I’m always amazed when I sell something I’ve written.

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One response to “Ten day challenge day 2: Writing Confessions

  1. Hunter

    I can’t write in public locations like you can – I do read at my daughter’s sports games and swimming lessons, because the ambient noise is wonderful. The reason I can’t write, however, is because I keep having that hair on the back of the neck thing where I fancy everyone around me is trying to read what I’m writing over my shoulder.

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